Care for fresh cut orchids in gift box


Display: The orchid plants are dressed up so that they look pretty for you.

#1: Place them in a cool environment.

#2: Spray water mist on the leaves and a little on the potting media when the potting media feels dry to the touch. Avoid drenching the potting media with water.

Growing: Environment and plant needs

Orchids are basically tough plants, capable of enduring considerable amount of environmental stress. Commonly seen orchids are usually grown in a tropical or sub-tropical environment. Each requires a different growing environment and temperature to grow and flower.

Important factors to note for successful orchid growing:

#1: Best temperature to keep the box is between 10 to 15 degree Celcius and high humidity.

#2: Upon receipt of the box, open the box and take out the cut orchids.

#3: Remove the cotton swab at the base of the stem. Cut around 1cm to 1.5 cm off the base of the stem.

#4: Stand the orchid stalks in a vase containing clean water and put them in a cool environment

#5: Re-cut the base of the stem and change the water once every 2 to 3 days.

Care for Orchid plant gift

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Happy Growing !

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